How I keep my bleached, dry hair healthy and strong

Bleached and dry hair remedies

As I’m currently writing this, I’m sitting on my bed with my hair soaked in probably too much amount of my beloved hair mask. So, is there any better timing to write today’s post?

I’ve been part of the blonde balayage club for more than six months now and while I just had to use my fingers to work out how long July 2020 has been history for, we’ll skip the “where on earth have the past 6 months gone” talk and go straight to the big elephant in the room.

Bleach makes your hair dry. There I said it.

Ever since I left the salon back in July, I have gone through the occasional hair dilemmas, helpless google searches and done my fair share of “research”. And by research I actually mean “spending way too long in my nearest drugstore and finding yet another excuse ~why this hair product will miraculously help my hair~”. Ask me about any shampoo and conditioner and I will probably be able to tell you on which rack it’s located.

Anyway. Moving on.

They say that hair forms your personality, however I’m not entirely sure I was too keen on the whole Sahara situ that had been going on on my head.

Now, I know this might sound like I regret bleaching my hair, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. My lovely hairdresser has been doing an amazing job and since my natural curly hair tends to be quite dry anyway, I was actually aware this would happen even before my very first bleach-appointment in July. You could also say, that I was mentally prepared for the race against time, saving one split end after the other. And to be fair, I *think* I’ve done a pretty good job! I mean yes, I did lose some hair-friends along the way, BUT you live and you learn, hey?

But now, let’s stop beating around the bush and let me introduce you to my bleached hair remedies.

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ONE – conditioner and hair masks

Moisture, moisture, oh and even more moisture!

As I said earlier, naturally my hair tends to be on the dry side, which is why I make sure to give it the treatment its craving.

TWO – avoid hot showers

For all my fellow steaming-hot-shower-lovers, this is a hard pill to swallow. Though, while your daily hair stylers can cause a lot of damage, so can hot showers! For this reason, try and protect your hair with a slightly less hot shower exposure.

THREE – moisterise your hair as much as your skin

This is something I can definitely improve in too, however the difference I noticed whenever I did it more regulary is amazing. You know how social media keeps telling us to give our skin the daily moisture it deserves (and rightly so!), the same applies to your hair!

Use a little bit of coconut oil every day, just like you would with your usual moisteriser too. However, please don’t feel like as though you HAVE to buy coconut oil! Alternatively, you can use olive oil too, since I’ve heard it’s just as great as coconut oil.

FOUR – give your wet hair a gentle brush

I KNOW. I know. We’re being told that we’re not supposed to brush our hair while it’s still wet, day in and day out. But honey, there’s no way I’ll brush my curly hair while it’s dry either. Therefore, and in order to not have a complete bird’s nest on my head, I’m rebellious and *still* brush it while it’s in its wet state.

The keyword here is ~gentle~ meaning to start brushing your hair at the bottom and slowly working your way up to your sculp.

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FIVE – gentle use of towel

It truly hurts my heart whenever I STILL see some people aggressively rubbing their hair with a towel. If you feel like I’m speaking directly at you, try blotting your hair in a towel next time instead. Whenever I started doing so regularly a few years ago, I started how a.) much easier it was to brush my hair (*cough* number four *cough*) and b.) I had a lot less split ends compared to when I was still rubbing my hair with a towel.

SIX – avoid unnecessary heat (soz, you knew this was coming)

Sorry, I know, but it still needs to be addressed. I keep it short, promise.

Don’t needlessly use heat on your hair. That’s it.

What’s one thing that has helped your bleached hair in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 responses to “How I keep my bleached, dry hair healthy and strong”

  1. are you already using Olaplex? That should help out to!

    • Malena says:

      I actually don’t use it, unfortunately. However, I’ve been thinking about just taking the plunge and try it out for a little while now! x

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